The first brews are being served at Donegal's first Starbucks - just in time for PSL season.

The people of Letterkenny will be wide awake this Monday morning after a high dose of caffeine from the newest Starbucks cafe.

The An Dánlann sports complex at LYIT has opened a Starbucks coffee counter, offering the premium coffee that is consumed all over the world.

Starbucks Letterkenny at An Danlann, LYIT

Starbucks opens at An Danlann at LYIT, which once housed a Costa franchise

Americanos, Cappuccinos, Flat Whites, Frappuccinos and more syrups that you can imagine are available for the public to pick up, as well as students and staff of the college. They also provide a range of food and bakes to accompany your drink.

The LYIT building which once housed a Costa counter is now rebranded to Starbucks – just in time for cold winter days. You can sit in and sip a brew or take them away in recyclable cups.

The famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes are expected to roll out at this branch from the end of this week.

Pumpkin Spice is a top favourite for sweet cinnamon-flavoured coffee lovers in autumn. The PSL season is an eagerly anticipated event for fans of the recipe at this time of year.


The franchise has also brought in a Carmelised Pecan Latte for the season, which sounds like a real sweet and nutty delight.


It will be no time until the iconic Starbucks red cups are spotted around Letterkenny as the speciality Christmas coffee menu is introduced.

Starbucks first set up shop in Ireland in 2005, and has since opened over 70 stores throughout the country. 50 of those cafes are in Dublin alone. There are now over 16,800 Starbucks stores worldwide.

Who’s buzzing for their next coffee break?