Donegal Town will light up orange tonight to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.

Landmarks across Ireland will be illuminated in orange to spread the message that “it’s okay not to be okay.”

Cycle Against Suicide is hosting an awareness campaign on the Diamond tonight at 8pm.

They will also be launching their new initiative of stickers and cards with helpline numbers.

The stickers will be displayed throughout Donegal Town and can also be put on car windows to help spread the very important message that Cycle Against Suicide stands for:
· Raise awareness of the prevalent issue of suicide;
· Offer re-assurance that “it’s ok not to feel okay, and it’s absolutely okay to ask for help”;
· Direct people to where this critical help is available both locally and across the island of Ireland.

To help spread the message, you can light your own candle and post it with the hashtag #LightUpOrange.