It happens to the best of us!

If you’ve ever had your favourite cosmetics confiscated at airport security then you’re going to relate to this woman’s message to Cocoa Brown.

Dublin woman Rachel O’Connor Walsh this week suffered a small personal disaster when she tried to take her beloved fake tan on holiday.

Rachel was travelling to a wedding in Portugal last month and hoping to be a bronzed goddess throughout the week.

Little did she know that her dreams would be dashed before he journey even began. To her horror, her 150ml bottle was taken from her by security, despite, as she describes with hilarious detail, her plentiful application the night before.

Rachel told the whole saga to Cocoa Brown, which is best read in her own words:

Okay so I use your tan the whole time, the darker the better. I want to be able to get lost in the dark, that’s how dark I want to be! At the moment I light up the darkest nights I’m that white. The moon hasn’t got a patch on me.. are you getting an image of how pale white can be, well that’s me!!

Okay well back in August I had to go to a wedding in Portugal. I did the whole tan routine the night before the plane. Got up the next day owning it like Beyoncé on the dancefloor! 
Walked into the airport feeling like a gal that has just returned from a 2 week vacation in Mauritius. 
Heading to security, I had my bits and pieces laid out. Nah something was wrong;they pulled my bag to one side! 
She asked was there anything that shouldn’t be in there. I said no of course not! 
Well if ever I saw a look of complete satisfaction and content in a woman’s face, it was there and then. He pulled out my Cocoa Brown. And what is this she says!? Well I can tell you now that patches began to appear under my flawless armpits. 
She says it’s not 100ml, and I matter of factly responded well it is now because as you can see I’ve already used half a bottle. So what was once 150ml was quite safely now about 70ml. 
To my dismay and horror and I mean this as I say it, in slow motion movements that bottle went straight into the bin! That was it gone, along with my sunkissed glow because now I was grey and sweating profusely.

I had a whole 4 days of partying, swimming and a lavish wedding ahead of me.. with no tan!! Holiday ruined!

So I put this to you on behalf of all us Casper looking Irish girls…PLEASE do a 100ml bottle for the love of God and all that is holy. 
I’m still not the better of it I’ll tell you that, and as for photos.. just don’t ask. 

Will this spark a new CB launch?

We can’t help but laugh at Rachel’s predicament, but she makes a great point! Perhaps this comment, which is going viral all week, will be the start of a new product launch. Maybe soon we can all travel with ease, and keep those flawless armpits in tact!