This Donegal mother wants to help parents who ‘never have time’ slow down and enjoy precious moments with their children.

Parent coach Helen Swierszcz

Helen Swierszcz is a parenting coach who has created a class for parents and toddlers to tune into connection, communication and mindfulness.

Ahead of the first class on 12th September, Donegal Woman discovers how Helen helps busy mothers turn chaos into moments of zen.

Helen has been running her In Tune Parenting coaching service online since last April. She is a qualified neuro linguistic programming practitioner, hypnotherapist and an experienced nanny. She lives in Letterkenny with her husband Simon and three children aged 8, 5 and 19 months.

Helen’s personal life inspired her to set up In Tune Parenting, she explains:
“In my 12 years working with families both as a nanny and as a parent coach, and in my almost 9 years as a mum, there’s a recurring theme. Nearly every parent expresses ‘there just isn’t enough time in the day’, or, “they’re growing up so fast – I wish I could slow down time”.

“I got some feedback from parents who just really wanted a more hands on approach, so that’s why I decided to create a class for parents and toddlers.”

Helen’s one hour morning classes help parents and children connect through simple meditation and mindfulness practices. The kids enjoy quiet play while parents learn how to tune into their energy and recreate this calm connection at home.

“You’ll be amazed, that once you learn how to focus your energy, how much time you’ll start to find in the day.

“Your home will run so much more efficiently, you and your children will find happiness, peace and fulfillment in the times you spend together.

“You’ll become that ‘zen’ mum who’s never frazzled and who always seems to keep it together, who floats through life on her peaceful cloud,” Helen said.

Helen will have her own little toddler at the class, which will be a casual and fun interactive session.

Helen has discovered how connecting with children is the key to happiness for busy and distracted families.

“One thing, it really strikes me is how naturally tuned in our little ones are, and how as they grow, our society seems to draw them away from that innate knowing.

“Then here we are as adults ‘rediscovering’ ourselves – wouldn’t it be nicer, if we could help our children to never loose sight of themselves in the first place?

“Mindfulness, truly honoring our own and our children’s innate wisdom, deeply connecting in mind, body and spirit is the answer – and at the In Tune Parent and Toddler class, you get all of that.”

This inclusive course is just one of Helen’s approaches as a parenting coach. She provides free advice regularly on her Youtube, Facebook and Website.

Helen offers a one consultation call, full action plan and 1 month of online support for parents for €80.

“This suits those who have just one issue that needs trouble-shooting best, while the one on one coaching suits those who feel they need to rethink a number of their parenting strategies,” said Helen.

For mums, dads and guardians who want their family life to flow calmly, this course might be what you need to enjoy the best of every day.

Click here to reserve one of the remaining places for the Letterkenny  In Tune Parent and Toddler class at An Grianan Theatre. 

Booking is essential, classes are €35 per family for 4 weeks. Tuesdays at 10.30 – 11.30am at An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny.

To book, just email or phone/text Helen on 0861931911

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