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Another week, another on-the-mark Donegal Woman’s Words. This creative series returns with another tale from Moville writer Sharon Thompson.

Each Sunday this series will showcase works of literature for readers to enjoy.

The seasons are changing, and so do our wardrobes, but if you’ve ever attempted a clothing clear-out this piece is going to be very relatable.

A clothes cull.

We’ve had months to decide what to wear and the outfit still isn’t right. It doesn’t matter where we are going – We have nothing to wear. Nothing!

It’s a first world problem and many might say we should be ashamed, but the wardrobe and drawers groan and strain under piles of fabric. We must flick (or wade) through them and still we cannot find something suitable. The same old faithfuls ‘will do’ or we pull tags off the new blouse and swear we will de-clutter our lives. 

There will be a killing! A clothes cull. We stand with bin bags and resolve to clear the clutter. 

Pile 1 starts, ‘What was I ever thinking pile’. Where did those skinny jeggings come from? In what size? Oh glory be, that floral, floaty blouse could curtain a continent.  

Pile 2 ‘They will fit sometime’. Ironically, this pile grows and grows. 

Pile 3 ‘Definitely… but maybe not gone’ In this pile lies the flared, designer jeans you spent a fortune on, and the sexy lingerie, that cut the arse of ya. 

Pile 4  ‘Wrecked and can’t be dishcloths’. Yes, this is the discoloured knickers and bras.

Pile 5 ‘Charity shop’. This heap gets added to, but things mysteriously move out of it. 

6 The keep pile. 

Pile 7 The sit and cry it has to go. The leather jacket you wore in college when you felt so alive. This and other items flit over and back to Pile 2, 3, then 5. It has to be kept? No, it’s gotta go. Sob. 

The wardrobe is pleased too. Open-mouthed and contently empty, its hangers dangle merrily. How did the mounds on the floor come from such a small space? Never fear the cull will make a huge difference. 

We refill the wardrobe with the Keep Pile. Some items are sneaky stowaways but you ignore the guilt. Ironically, the Will Fit pile barely fits back in.

Loading very few items into a bag and marking it Charity shop is very gratifyingThe emotion isn’t too stinging as we know we’ll carry them around in our car for months. 

However, there’s still a mound on the floor. Taking a deep breath we open a new bin bag and then piece by piece, we lift all off the floor …back into the wardrobe. 


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