It's a good thing Amy Callaghan didn't have this mishap in the live Rose of Tralee show last night!

Donegal Rose Amy had her Rose of Trallee interview last night and won the admiration of the nation when she gave an honest account of her mental health journey. Her aerial acrobatic dance, too, was hailed as a top highlight and a unique break from tradition.

However, one crew member may not now be too pleased about the dangerous dance prop installed on the stage, as yesterday he was on the receiving end of a kick to the face! reporter Kirsty Blake Knox saw the events play out and recounted how Amy exclaimed “Sorry!” and said “I didn’t see you standing there” when her foot collided with a crew member.

The crewman learned his lesson ahead of the live show and the cameras were kept at a distance when Amy ascended to the Lyra Hoop again for her official party piece.

Amy wowed in an acrobatic aerial dance to Clannad in the broadcasted version, while the rehearsal was said to be, ironically, to the tune of Kiss From A Rose by Seal.

Daithí O Sé even jumped into the hoop for a go in rehearsals. However, he wasn’t so daring once he was suited up for the big show. If he did, we could have had either a hilarious GIF in circulation today or else an even bigger blunder than Amy’s pre-show kick.

Letterkenny woman Amy Callaghan has just one more day before finding out how her interview was received by the judges. The winner of the 58th Rose of Tralee is announced tonight on RTE One from 8pm.