TV3 Presenter Elaine Crowley has shared a vile message sent to her by an online troll earlier this week.

The hugely successful 39-year-old, who produces her self-titled show on TV3, received a disgusting message from an account called John Haynes (presumably a pseudonym), with an ‘Anonymous’ profile picture – too cowardly to show his own face.

They said [ad verbum]: “You have to be the most intolerable yoke I have ever had the misery to listen to on a tv. It’s sad how miserable you come across. Your negative attitude towards women who are more attractive than you is really unfortunate.

“You are an overweight lonely (though you don’t know it) cynical miserable bint. You brag about being single and busy and loving it… but you don’t address the fact that you are single because of you, the busy part I will never understand quite frankly. I wouldn’t hire you to hand out menus in a back alley greasy spoon.!! The worst shit I have ever heard comes out of your mouth. A bear wouldn’t hug you purely because he couldn’t get his arms around you and bears can tell when someone is full of shit! Cheer up your attitude is rock bottom… only you can’t see that sadly.[sic]”

“A bear wouldn’t hug you purely because he couldn’t get his arms around you and bears can tell when someone is full of shit! Cheer up your attitude is rock bottom… only you can’t see that sadly.[sic]”

Elaine received a lot of support after sharing the tweet, but Elaine is just the most recent Irish woman to share her experience with trolls.

Journalist and editor Aisling Keenan shared an abusive message she got too, in solidarity with Elaine.

The message to Aisling was equally as depraved, and is very harrowing to read [ad verbum]:

“I don’t get it your blog, everything what are you selling? Whats your appeal? That you suck a lot of d*ck? Err so? You seem like this aging boring blonde who cant think for themselves has had so much d*ck in her life she cant string a sentence together and completetly void of any and all humanity. And… you are a whore like you could afford a trip to Paris by yourself lol suck d*ck for freebies AKA Prostitution just another full of sh*t aging dried up whore give up! [sic]”

Influencer Rosemary MacCabe has also opened up about trolls earlier this year after receiving a message picking the minutest details about her apart. Here is a small excerpt:

“You also purse your lips a lot. You should really wear make-up as you look tired, slightly haggard, and very tomboy-ish. Your short hair makes you look like a lesbian. You slate Slimming World yet, as some people on the Slimming World thread on pointed out, you’re piling the weight on yourself, Rosemary. You have no fashion sense.”


Why is it that these successful young women are being targetted by these malicious trolls?

Vicki Notaro, the editor of Stellar Magazine, who has also been a victim of trolling, spoke to social media psychologist Dr Ciaran McMahon for an article she published in the Irish Independent titled ‘Why women remain the target of internet bullies.’

In the article, Dr McMahon outlines that the most common characteristic of a troll is sadism and that by hiding behind a screen, they feel as though there is a degree of separation between their vitriol and the victim.

“Our culture in general views combat as a form of entertainment, so not only are trolls entertaining themselves, they’re also entertaining other people,” Dr McMahon told Vicki.

“A lot of trolls use anonymous accounts, and that allows them to lift the moral ethical constraints and say things they would never say in public. They think it’s only online, so it can’t hurt anyone, but the effects of trolling are real, and can lead to the target feeling anxiety and sadness, and becoming withdrawn.”

Despite the fact that you cannot see the direct impact your words may have on another person; whether through email, social media, or text – they do have an impact.

If you are a victim of trolling, do not give them the satisfaction of replying. Block them. Although it may be difficult to ignore, and of course their words sting, remember that it stems from a place of deep self-disgust – no happy person goes around abusing others online. And if they’ve threatened you, get in touch with the Gardaí.

Above all, remember that what they say is not true.