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Moville writer Sharon Thompson this week presents another short story exploring the life of local women.

Sock struggles are a bit of a first world problem, but we’ve all had them. Sharon presents a funny little look at the innermost workings of the paired underwear, or supposed-to-be-paired!

Enjoy this read today, and share it with anyone who will relate.

sock’s destiny

Socks never remain ‘socks’ for long. Socks always wish to become ‘a sock’.

After repeated studies I’ve found that socks get lost between the washing machine and the tumble dryer/line. How is this possible?

No matter how careful one is, the fabric vessels for feet hide/get lost/disappear on purpose. On purpose I tell you! They separate from each other and one sock will remain to taunt us with it’s ‘I’ve-no-match’ face.

Buying all black socks is not the answer. As then – they look ridiculously alike; but aren’t. It takes even longer to find them in their dark hidey-holes and twice as long to match the b… blighters.

Brightly-coloured ones are garish and still are lonesome languishers in the laundry basket. Tormenting us with obvious mis-matched-ness, which cannot be ignored.

There’s definitely a conspiracy among striped socks to sit nicely next to a near-match. This is to lull the sock-matcher into a false sense of achievement only to dash their dreams of a matching pair. They flog the laundry-doer with the ‘almost-but-not-a-match’ face. Arhhhhhhh!

The unfairness of this first-world problem becomes mountainous. A mound of alone socks forms where some pairs should be found and curled together in satisfaction. But alas, no. They rarely find each other again. If they do, what joy, what jubilation! Not that the sock cares. A sock’s destiny is to get well away from its mate forevermore.

Yet it’s our duty to bring them together and in our despair we hoard the hill of alone socks. We trust in statistics that at least some will be paired again. Frustration wins though and the hoard’s flung out.

Then amongst the latest wash lies a match to one you know is now in the recycling-bin.

The sock lies looking at you, it’s sock-destiny complete – as you scream.



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