Kelli Bogan has issued a warning urging people to be wary of buying cheap plugs after one exploded in her daughter's room last night.

The explosion terrified her daughter Tiyla and her friend, who are both just nine years old.

Kelli says that when the plug was removed from the socket, she heard a bang and her daughter began to cry. Her daughter’s friend shouted for her, and she ran up immediately.

“There was smoke and a little flame coming from it, I ran for a damp towel and put it out.

“The leg of the bed saved her I think, it took the full force. I got her settled after five minutes, she just kept saying I can see are dots.

“I feel terrible buying a cheap plug, it could have been really serious and the house would have been on fire had I not been in.”

The force of the explosion cracked the socket on the wall, and tripped all of the plugs in the house.

Kelli says the plug is only about a month old and cost just €3.

“It gave us such a shock and if it wasn’t for the bed being in the way it could have been worse.

“I feel other parents should be warned about buying the cheaper adaptors, leads, and plugs.

“I got a wile fright and I don’t want another wain frightened like wee Tiyla.”