Animals in Need may be faced with no other alternative but closure due to transportation issues, according to a spokesperson for the animal rescue group.

This is due to their van being on its last legs, and the lack of funding available to them to replace the vehicle.

The van is essential for transporting and rescuing animals, and without a van the charity will not be able to operate.

Last year AIN rescued over 700 animals in Donegal; including 410 dogs who came from the pound or were surrendered by their owners. This year the figures are skyrocketing, with the number of animals rescued approaching 1,000 for 2017 so far.

Pup rescued from the pound

The van that AIN have at present is on its last legs with over 200,000 miles on the clock.

It is constantly on the road rescuing dogs from all around the county and beyond. The van collects dogs from the Letterkenny Pound, and delivers dogs to various sanctuaries such as the Dog’s Trust in Dublin, and the Dog’s Trust Hub in Leitrim.

The van is also used to collect unwanted doggies and pups from their owners.

An AIN Spokesperson said; “Without a van it will be impossible to continue our rescue work and we will have no alternative but to cease as a rescue which is something nobody wants to happen.”

“The van that AIN require will have to be registered with the Department of Agriculture for authorisation to transport live animals and be customised with travel cages, air-conditioning and lighting.

“All this is going to cost AIN in the region of €25,000 which we simply cannot afford.”

AIN are the only Rescue in Donegal who save dog from the Letterkenny Pound. A volunteer drives to the Pound every Saturday to rescue unwanted dogs and sometimes twice a week if young pups are left there.

They are also the only registered charity in the County that rescues both cats and dogs.

AIN said; “When we formed 11 years ago, over a thousand dogs were put down in the Pound annually as there was nowhere for them to go.

“If we don’t take them, who will? Please don’t let the situation in Donegal go back to those dark days.

“The abandoned animals of Donegal face a bleak future if we have to close.”

One of AIN’s rescues was a poor matted collie

The spokesperson added; “It is with great sadness that we find ourselves in this position, but without the van we cannot continue to rescue the animals, which also includes the annual rescue of hundreds of cats and kittens, neutering feral cat colonies plus rescuing the occasional duck, rabbit, goat, tortoise, rooster or any other animal in need.’”

AIN are a totally voluntary organisation and no-one is paid – ever. Every last cent goes directly into the care of the animals.

AIN also helps people in need; the elderly, the bereaved, those with special needs, single parents, prisoners, victims of domestic violence, those who have lost their homes or had to emigrate in search of work and couldn’t bring their animals with them.

Animals in Need this morning issued an urgent appeal asking the animal lovers of Donegal to assist them in buying a new van so as they can continue their vital animal rescue work across the county.

Rescued from the pound

“Please help us reach our target by donating whatever you can for the new AIN van. Help us to keep on helping the animals of Donegal,” the spokesperson concluded.

Can you help out?

If you would like to donate you can do so by following this link:

*Animals in Need C.L.G have been in operation since 2006 as a totally voluntary registered organisation  C.H.Y No 17864/20067304 rescuing abandoned dogs and cats in County Donegal and beyond.