The Donegal Women in Business Network members are going to be pitch perfect after gaining confidence in public speaking at a workshop on Thursday July 13th 2017.

Emma Porter, Vivid Performances Speech and Drama. Photo: Rachel McLaughlin,

Emma Porter from the Vivid Performances Speech and Drama hosted an educational and informative workshop on The 5 Key Elements of Speaking to Increase Profit and Sales.

The class at the Villa Rose Hotel Ballybofey was a lively interactive session with Emma, who runs workshops in presentation skills, public speaking, speech and elocution and interview skills.

Emma encouraged the businesswomen to learn the ability to speak out and get in front of their businesses and become the face of their brand or service.

She outlined tips and tricks for women to be comfortable with speaking about their business and to get their pitch perfect for success.

Emma’s tried and tested elements of speaking begin with good posture – which had all workshop attendees up and out of their chairs to stand tall and communicate a confident energy.

“Fake it until you make it”, said Emma, as she promoted the power of positive thinking.

The class delved into expressive talking with a clear voice to hold an audience’s attention. Emma explained the importance of gestures and how to avoid anxieties creeping in via fidgeting.

A tongue twister exercise helped the group train themselves to speak clearly and emotively before any event. They learned how to master their speed of delivery and to emphasise key words which are important to their business.

By the end of the talk, Emma encouraged all women to study their own business pitch and determine what they want to communicate with passion.


The next DWIBN event takes place next Wednesday, 19th July. Karina Kelly will be delivering a Make YOUR Website Work workshop at the Silver Tassie Hotel, from 7pm-9pm

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