Minding Mammy is a special new programme for Donegal mammies to help them care for themselves while caring for others.

A three week wellness programme for local mothers has been created by mothers to provide them with essential skills to look after their mental health.

The Minding Mammy programme will be facilitated by local counsellor and Mental Wellness blogger Sarah Barr of New Beginnings Counselling and is hosted by Maria Rushe, who blogs as The S-Mum.

“I hope by the end of the workshops everyone will leave with their own ‘toolbox’ filled with tips and techniques on how to better care for mental well-being,” said Sarah Barr.

The workshop is based in the Mount Errigal Hotel Letterkenny. The courses are 1/1.5 hours and begin on Friday 14th July.

“As mammies we know sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle and at times support and information about how to deal and manage with our mind would be helpful,” said Sarah.

These workshops will combine resources, learning and skill building exercises.

Topics will include:

  • Coping with anxiety
  • Confidence building
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • CBT
  • Living with depression
  • And much more…

The workshop will be carried out in a private, warm and friendly setting.

For any further information call Sarah Barr on 0864477867 or to book a place just send a message on her Facebook page CLICK HERE

Minding Mammy’s Hopes

  • To create an open and accepting atmosphere for discussing the role of mothering.
  • To normalise the experience and expectations of mothering.
  • To promote positive mental well-being.
  • To help provide information about mothers’ mental health.
  • To connect the wellness of a mother to the wellness of her children and family.
  • To promote wellness around self-care.
  • To meet with other mothers and enhance social support opportunities for mothers.
  • To encourage seeking help for mental health complaints and illnesses.
  • To encourage positive self-talk, alternative thinking patterns and develop new coping strategies that lower distress and improve decision making.
  • To reduce the negative stigma attached to mental health.
  • For all mothers to finish the Minding Mammy Workshop with a ‘Toolkit’ of new tips and techniques that will help improve and support their role as a mother and their mental wellness.

Spaces on Minding Mammy are limited. For further information, contact Sarah Barr on her Facebook page. (click here)