There are two exciting and informative events scheduled in the coming weeks with the Donegal Women in Business Network. Every local woman is welcome to come and gain vital skills for success:

Donegal Women In Business Network

Network members have arranged workshops to share their expertise and help others boost their business with key skills in communication and e-commerce.

Everyone is welcome to the free events and non-members are invited to see what the network is all about.

The 5 Key Elements of Speaking to Increase Profit and Sales – Thursday 13th July

On Thursday 13th July, Emma Porter from the Vivid Performances Speech and Drama school will be giving a talk on the art of public speaking.

“The 5 Key Elements of Speaking to Increase Profit and Sales” will be held at the Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey between 10.00am and 11.30am on Thursday, 13th July.

The talk is designed to help women improve communication skills, improve business relationships and increase profits and sales.

When people work with Emma they become self-assured and are able to stand in a room full of people as great communicators. No more feeling anxious! Your fear of public speaking will be a thing of the past and you will feel greatly empowered.

Emma knows that effective communication skills are crucial for personal and professional success. By motivating and informing their audiences as to what their business has to offer, Emma helps her clients win over a crowd – which ultimately increases their profit and sales.

We all know that people with great communication skills are a real asset in business – so, isn’t it worth investing a little time to work on improving yours?

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Make YOUR website work – Wednesday 19th July

Donegal Women in Business Network member Karina Kelly will be delivering a highly informative workshop at the Silver Tassie Hotel, from 7pm-9pm on Wednesday, 19th July.

This talk will bring together her experience from her existing e-commerce product photography businesswww.360crew.ie360 Crew, her 6 years experience in Merchant Services, and her 10 years experience setting up and running e-commerce websites.

Knowing first hand how confusing the “going online” process can be, Karina’s workshop will de-mystify two key areas of trading online and give participants three key take-away actions from each area to make their own websites work better for them.

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Donegal Women in Business is a voluntary not for profit support group for all women in business or with an interest in business and the events are completely member led.

For further information, visit the Donegal Women in Business Network Facebook page or email and the Donegal Daily group is a proud member and supporter of the Donegal Woman in Business Network. Contact to find out how we support members.