President Michael D. Higgins has participated in Bring Your Dog to Work Day and brought one of his adorable Bernese Mountain dogs to a delegation from the Choctaw Nation earlier this week.

Presidential puppers Shadow and Bród have made headlines before for photobombing Danny Callaghan while he was out for a stroll in Phoenix Park.

Mick Long snapped the adorable photograph of the President’s special colleague at the delegation.

The popular Bring Your Dog to Work Day campaign is organised by Dog’s Trust, and aims to make Ireland more dog-friendly.

Image credit: Mick Long

A spokesperson for Dog’s Trust outlined some incredible benefits of having a doggo in the office, including the reduction of stress levels, lower blood pressure, and a boost in creativity! (As if we needed convincing).

“Research suggests access to dogs boosts morale and reduces stress levels, whether people have access to their own pets or other people’s. Stroking a dog is proven to elevate the production of happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine, which in turn lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

“It is well known that workers are more productive and creative when they take short breaks and get fresh air during the working day. Dogs encourage otherwise sedentary workers to take these breaks.”

Dog’s Trust also sent out participants a little welcome pack with hints and tips to ensure the day ran smoothly for both workers and pooches.

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Thousands of people across the world brought their pooch to work with them, and shared some very adorable pictures.

Cat people however, are less enthusiastic.