Bridal expert Carina is here to help you pack your Team Bride Emergency Kit.

So, all the planning is complete and the day has finally arrived. It’s been planned within an inch of its life and nothing is going to ruin it. Nothing!

To be fair there’s usually something that goes wrong and you will be that high on life you won’t even care. My advice is to have a handy little Emergency kit with you on the day for those little annoyances that might crop up.

Here’s the Team Bride Emergency Kit Guide –

    • Water & a Snack – fairly obvious but make sure you have a bottle of water handy at all times for sipping on. Also, a granola bar is perfect to stave off the hunger while getting the photos taken!
    • Clear Nail Polish – Handy for lots of emergencies and a kit essential.
    • Fashion Tape – when you relax into wearing your fabulous dress you may find that straps loosen or the bust line feels loose. Fashion tape is great for a quick fix.
    • Needle and Thread – now I’m not predicting that you and your bridesmaids will be locked in the Honeymoon Suite fixing a dress disaster but a needle and thread are handy to have just in case something small needs repaired.
    • Nappy Pins – Honestly! If you have a train on your dress then you will want to pin it up in the evening time. A nappy pin is a must-have to reinforce the hook up for all that dancing you will be doing!
    • Blotting Paper & Tissues – Keep any shine at bay with a handy pack of blotting papers.
    • Face Mist – One spray will cool you down and refresh your makeup
    • Hair Essentials – Hairspray, grips and a comb for a quick touch up
    • Stain Remover – A stain pen or even water wipes are handy for getting rid of any stains on the go!
    • Plasters, Pain-killers, Toothpick, Breath mints – all handy items to have


Oh, and don’t forget a cute Rucksack to carry it all lol

Get one of your bridesmaids to give is to your driver and then ask him to give it to reception once you arrive at your destination.

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Carina x