The Donegal County Council shared the cutest clip and six yapping pups this week to celebrate all the dogs rehomed in the county. The Donegal dog shelter helped reunite and rehome 468 dogs last year, which definitely calls for a puppy video!

The six little pups are seen here doing what pups do best – being ridiculously cute.

Donegal County Council are very active on social media with their efforts to get lost dogs back to their families. The Facebook page regularly shows photos of dogs found in different areas of the county.

Lost dogs are taken to the local dog shelter outside Letterkenny to wait for their owners. If the owners do not claim the dogs their photos are shared online to see if anyone would like to re-home them. If not, Donegal County Council work through various charities to try and get them re-homed.

Many Donegal families have welcomed new additions through this scheme, and 468 dogs have found care and shelter in this way.

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