A young Donegal woman has shared her worry and shock at the waiting time she is facing to be seen at the Letterkenny breast cancer clinic.

The 25 year old woman from Letterkenny has been waiting more than 200 days to be assessed after finding a lump last year.

The woman, who wishes not to be named, was referred to the clinic at Letterkenny General Hospital by her GP last October 2016. Eight months later, she continues to wait for an appointment with breast cancer consultant Dr Michael Sugrue.

“I’ve rang up many times but all I’ve been told is that there is a waiting list, it is in high demand and there’s nothing you can do,” the woman told Donegal Daily.

“I’ve asked how long it would be and the secretary said it could take weeks or it could take months.

“You just don’t know what the lump could be. Hopefully it is nothing but I’ve got pain and it’s very worrying.

“All I’ve got is a letter in the post asking was I still living at my address. It said I was still on the waiting list but still no appointment.”

The woman said that she is anxious about getting an appointment after seeing her friend and a friend’s mother being diagnosed with breast cancer in recent years.

“I’m worried that if there was something wrong by the time you get it looked at it could be too late.

“I don’t have any history of cancer. It may be a cyst, but there could be a percentage of people who actually have something and are waiting like I am.”

Earlier this month it was announced by Donegal Deputy Joe McHugh that significant progress has been made for the appointment of a second breast consultant in Letterkenny.

The wait continues for the women of Donegal, and the young woman who spoke to Donegal Daily today said she would be willing to travel to Galway to be seen sooner if she were referred to the hospital.

“I would make the journey instead of having this hanging over me.

“God knows how many other people are waiting. There should be more staff to cater for the needs of how many people are in the North West.”

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