Time to dust off the barbeques - it looks like the good exam-time weather is on its way this week!

The northwest of Ireland is forecast to get the best weather this week as a mini heatwave arrives from tomorrow.

The rain and damp weather will clear away this morning (Monday) to bring sunshine and hot weather for the rest of the week. It’s all down to a 1,000-mile wide Spanish Plume coming from the continent, according to forecasters.

Donegal is set to benefit the most from as the country heats up from Tuesday onwards. Temperature highs of 22 are expected by Friday in central parts of the county.

Met Eireann forecast that today’s scattered showers will clear away by this evening, before humid and hot air arrives tomorrow morning and brings dry conditions throughout the week.

Tuesday will see bright sunny spells by the afternoon, with temperatures rising up to 20 degrees in Ulster.

Wednesday and Thursday will see the best of the mini-heatwave. Donegal will enjoy temperatures in the high teens and low twenties before Friday evening has the best conditions in Donegal of 22 degrees.

The outlook for the weekend is bright also, Met Eireann say it will remain warm and humid on Saturday. Sunday could see fresher conditions before a possibility of rain returning to the country.