Penguin Random House Children’s Books have teamed up with Arklu to bring out two fantastic books starring Donegal's favourite doll - Lottie!

‘The Stargazer Dress-up Sticker Book’, and the first fiction title, ‘Lottie Solves a Mystery’ by Lucie Braveheart, are hopefully the first of many books brought out by Arklu.


In ‘The Stargazer Dress-up Sticker Book’, you can dress up Lottie for her exploration into space, introducting STEM in an imaginative and engaging way. The book also includes astronomy facts, encouraging little stargazers everywhere to dream big and reach for the stars.

‘Lottie Solves a Mystery’ sees Lottie embarking on an unbelievable adventure after discovering an ancient book called ‘Beasts of the World’ in her attic. Mia, Finn, and Lottie attempt to track down the Beast of Branksea before Mia’s brother Sammi ruins the whole adventure!

The books are easy for little literature lovers to engage with, with short chapters, large text, and oodles of line-art illustrations.

Lottie dolls are created by Arklu, a toy company founded by local man Ian Harkin with a Donegal base in Letterkenny.

Their vision is to empower children, embracing their individuality and encouraging meaningful adventures.

Unlike many other dolls on the market, Lottie and Finn are inspired by nine year old children, making them relatable, age-appropriate, and fantastic role models.

Lottie has the real scientific proportions of a nine year old (with the exception of her head to allow for more hair-styling), and she does not wear any jewellery, makeup, or high heels.

Unlike other dolls, Lottie can also stand on her own two feet – a useful skill for all of the adventures Lottie goes on!

Her clothing is also inspired by real nine year olds as opposed to adults, allowing for glamour and adventure.

Encouraging girls to get involved in STEM, Stargazer Lottie has been celebrated for being the ‘first doll in space’, and was inspired by six-year-old Abigail from Canada.

Not only will Lottie encourage little Donegal men and women to pursue their interest in STEM, Lottie’s books will now instill a love of literature in kids across the globe.