Thoroughly Modern Mammy Maria considers the pros and cons of opting for a staycation as opposed to a holiday in the sun.

Summer Holidays are fast approaching…YAY!

And so the parenting forums are full of questions about the best places to holiday, the essentials list of packing for a family, tips and guidelines on how to maximise enjoyment and minimise stress on a family holiday.  It makes for interesting reading, because like everything, everyone has a different viewpoint.  Some people are terrified at the thought of going abroad with minions.  Others happily bring them away to the sun.

And like everything, somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

Where do I stand?

Well if you had asked me that a month ago, I was on Team “Get me to the Sun”.  I love the idea of lying by the pool watching the girls play and splash with their Daddy and I was happily sussing out Eurocamps. Now?  I’m firmly back on Team “Not a fricken hope. A staycation it is”.  What changed?

We drove to Skibereen.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it was thoroughly enjoyable and we had a wonderful break, but as we drove past Dublin Airport, half way home with two very irritated and frustrated girls in the back seat, we looked at each other and at the same time said “Nope.  Not this year!”

Now of course we know that going away is very possible with 2 kids.  Loads of people do it.  We will too.  Just not yet.

Princess is 18 months.  She is a rogue, who loves to climb and HATES being confined by straps, or buggies, or you know…arms. The thought of trying to entertain her on a flight, even a 3 hour one, is enough to leave me rocking in the corner crying for my Mammy.

And after the last fortnight of glorious heat, we are even more determined that we’ve made the right decision for us, because she is NOT a fan.

Suncream?  Like trying to put a baby-oil covered python into a jam jar.  

Hat on her head?  On your bike Mammy.

Energy levels? Wake me up when it’s raining again Woman. 

I dread to think what she;d be like if we got ACTUAL heat.  I’ll wait another year or two to find out.

Mini-Me is 5.  She’d love a holiday. Of course she would.  But she will also be quite happy with a few days in Downings or Bundoran… She won’t give a damn where we are as long as we’re together and she’s not at home.  A night in Granny’s is Heaven to her.

I’ll take the two of them to Aberdeen to my sister for a few days like I always do. The flight is only an hour, but I’m pretty certain that it will more than long enough for Princess, and will serve as further reassurance to me that we’ve make the right decision about going further afield.  And Mini-Me will be over the moon about going on an aeroplane again.  We’ve decided this year that while they’re still too young to give a toot WHERE we holiday, we shall keep it simple and have a family Staycation like last year.

Mammy and Daddy will take a few days to ourselves and the girls will be perfectly delighted to go on holidays to Granny’s for a few nights.

And it gives me another year to research and find the perfect family destination for next year…and the year after that…and the year after that!

I’m sure there are many who disagree completely and do you know what? That’s fine!  If you are one of those Supermums who ventures into the sunshine for a few weeks with your family, good for you.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday and feel free to recommend your favourite family friendly destination.  And if, like us, you don’t feel ready to do the whole foreign holiday just yet, I also hope that you have a wonderful time, whether you holiday in Cork, or Dublin, or in your own back garden,

Because a family holiday only has ONE essential requirement doesn’t it?

The Family.

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