Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey has the key to maintaining that healthy summer glow when the sun has set.

The sunshine has us all in that summer mood, and hopefully, we’re all picking up a healthy glow safely! For those of you lucky olive toned skins, and even for people like me that simply get a spray of freckles, here are some tips on prolonging your summer glow with added product recommendations too!

The key to maintaining that ‘healthy summer glow’ is to stay hydrated! Drinking water and keeping your fluids up on the inside is fantastic but you need to up the maintenance outside also! Adding a good moisturiser all over your body will aid not only a tan that develops evenly but also prolongs your glow beautifully!

♥ General Moisturiser ♥

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula 250ml – €3.99.

This product softens and soothes the skin and is fantastic on stretch marks with up to 24hrs hydration that sinks right in with no residue! Not only that but is smells like a beach holiday and is fantastic on super dry skins!

♥ Moisturiser With Added Glow ♥

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun with Hydrating Tan Maintainer 200ml – Tesco – €7.50.

This is a fabulous product that not only hydrates the skin after being in the sun, but has a tiny bit of tan which helps intensify your current colour and prolong your glow with it’s mix of glycerol and vitamin E ingredients!

What I particularly love about this product is it supple buildable glow with a zesty scent that has zero smell of tan! Great for prolonging a real tan or creating a soft tan in winter or summer!

♥ Hydrating Oil ♥

‘THIS WORKS’ Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil 120ml – Eske Pharmacy – €49.00

If you prefer that luxurious super hydrated feel that leaves the skin with a light glistening effect, then this product is a must!

It’s enriched with 9 essential oils which not only smells amazing but dries almost instantly so there’s no sliding feel when you cross your legs!  It’s also fantastic on very dry skin and scarring.

Although this is for your legs and fantastic to highlight and hydrate tanned skin, I’ve been using this all over my body this winter, especially after exfoliating!  I’ve super dry skin and some fresh scars from an operation I had in January on my leg and for me, this product has helped not only soften and hydrate my dry skin all over, it’s also softened the look of the small scars I have.

Your skin will glisten slightly also, so this is a fantastic addition to your suitcase for that added glow on top of glow to your summer holiday tan!

Note: do not use oil based products to prolong or hydrate false tan – the oil encourages false tan to come off in patches!

♥ Top Tip! ♥

Lightly exfoliating all over once or twice a week not only removes any dead skin cells, but leaves the skin silky smooth to really soak up your moisturising products! Cocoa Brown Exfoliating Gloves – Cara Pharmacy €2.95, is a must for good skin maintenance in general and brilliant for you false tan lovers to keep on top off, or indeed remove any patchiness!

If all else fails, a simple at home option is to dry off using an older towel that hasn’t been washed with the addition of softener or going through the drier! The slight roughness of a towel like this will help softly exfoliate your skin without too much effort!

Next week, I’ll be looking at false tans – something for every type of glow.  In the meantime be sure to check out my blog on Flawless Tanning Every Time by clicking here! If you have any beauty related questions, drop them my way via or PM your message to my Facebook page Kerry Harvey Designs! For daily updates on all things beauty, feel free to join me on Snapchat – search @kharveydesigns or scan the code! Enjoy the summer sun K x