Donegal women in business will be perfecting their posture after taking part in a Digital Dementia workshop on Wednesday May 10th.

Busy people who are forever hunched over laptops, phones and tablets as they work are making a shockingly negativing impact on their brains – this was the message from Dr Julie Szabo at the Donegal Women in Business Network workshop yesterday.

Dr Julie Szabo, Northwest Chiropractic

Members of the group traveled to Castle Grove Country House Hotel for an educational talk from Dr Julie of Northwest Chiropractic on Digital Dementia.

The busy women in business are working in vastly different sectors, but they all have one thing in common – too much tech. Dr Julie shared some shocking statistics with the group about the effects of modern technology on our posture, which directly links to our brain function.

Dr Julie described how, millions of years ago, humans evolved to stand upright, but in just a short space of time we are slumping again as we become immersed in the digital world.

This slumping is causing us to ‘devolve’, Julie said, and we are suffering from a decline in brain function called Digital Dementia. This is a sensory mismatch which is leading to people showing real signs of dementia. It is affecting people of all ages, Julie said, especially children.

Attendees of Donegal Women in Business Network workshop, May 10th 2017 at Castle Grove Country House Hotel

The group learned some good news at the event – the brain can improve. Dr Julie’s demonstrations showed the women that the effects of digital dementia can be reversed through better posture, limiting technology use and taking well-earned breaks. The group practiced dedicated exercises to stimulate the eyes, vestibular system and spine to combat the condition.

Castle Grove Country House Hotel

Tea and treats at Castle Grove Country House Hotel

There were no better surroundings for Dr Julie’s workshop than the Castle Grove Country House Hotel – a beautiful retreat outside Letterkenny where tranquil surroundings made for an ideal place to forget about technology for a moment.

The passionate businesswomen also took time to connect and network over tea and canapés, building relationships to do business together in the weeks to come – which is what the network is all about.

The women promised to take Dr Julie’s tips on board to help themselves and their families fight digital dementia, so they can stay sharp to prosper in Donegal’s world of enterprise.

For further information about the network, visit the Donegal Women in Business Network Facebook page or email and the Donegal Daily group is a proud member and supporter of the Donegal Woman in Business Network. Contact to find out how we support members.

Attendees of Donegal Women in Business Network workshop, May 10th 2017