Carina Monteith from Team Bride explains how you can be a great guest before you even attend a wedding.

Seating plans are dictated by the RSVPs a couple receives

This is one of those topics that can ignite fury in a stressed-out bride like no other! I must admit that it’s a real bugbear of mine too – how difficult is it to let the bride and groom know that you will or won’t be able to attend their wedding? Very difficult apparently!

Those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of sending out wedding Invites or setting a seating plan for a wedding will be blissfully unaware of the stress you are causing by not sending a RSVP.

To be fair, these days most couples include an email address or a number to text to let them know so it is generally an effortless process. Not only is it rude but it ends up costing the couple money to pay for a guest who then doesn’t show up!

Wedding planning is not easy – spare a thought for the organisers

We are well into wedding season now and the invites are popping up everywhere so before you place it in a drawer to reply to later, get into the habit of doing it straight away – be a good guest and ensure you actually have a seat for the big day!

Oh and a few things to keep in mind –

  • Don’t RSVP by adding a plus one or two to the invite! If they aren’t named on the invite then they aren’t invited and that includes children! Don’t make it awkward by assuming you can bring extras along. Just No!
  • Don’t RSVP Yes and then just not turn up! The couple would much prefer you tell them you can’t make it than have an empty chair at the reception.

Text, e-mail, call or send a homing pigeon – it’s your choice but etiquette would be to send a written RSVP. In the Post. With a stamp.

(Leona & Laura – the RSVP’s are in the post. I promise!!)

An RSVP will ensure you have a place at the wedding party

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