This morning Conor McGregor introduced his fans to his beautiful little boy on Instagram, saying "I am one proud and blessed daddy".

He wrote “Dee and Junior are doing great everyone! Thank you for all the kind words, I am one proud and blessed Daddy.”

Dee Devlin delivered their baby boy on Friday at Coombe Maternity Hospital, who weighed 8lbs 14ozs.

Little Conor Jack already has his own verified Instagram account, with 2,347 followers. The account follows only his mum and dad.

In an interview with GQ magazine in January, McGregor outlined that he will challenge anyone who pesters him when out in public with his baby boy, saying “I’m not trying to bring a kid into that.”

“If someone comes near me when I have my kid in my hands, like the way they come near me now, looking for pictures, someone’s gonna be badly hurt.”

He has also vowed train his son to be a more successful MMA fighter than himself.