UPDATE: It looks like these coin purses are all sold out, already!

The new release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has led to an incredible demand for themed homeware, with Penneys leading the way on the craze.

The adorable Chip cups were the hottest item to have and shoppers went into a frenzy trying to get their hands on one. One of the most wanted pieces in the collection was this beautiful coin purse, and we have just seen that Penneys in Letterkenny are fully stocked with them for the weekend.

The purses are an instagrammers dream, while younger girls will be delighted to get them as gifts too. For €6, we can expect them to be picked up very quickly. Such was the demand in the UK recently that enterprising shoppers were buying the purses in bulk and selling them on ebay.

As of this morning (Friday) there are plenty of little Chips ready for purchase, but act fast, they’re not likely to be there very long!

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