Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey gets the HD Brows treatment to give us an insider glimpse of what to expect in the salon.

Big, bushy, skinny, straight, curved or arched, brows have taken over the world it seems! Brows add dimension, shape and also enhance your eyes and eye makeup look, whilst giving us character.

For those of us with bushier dark brows, plucking and preening them into the full brow-line that we’ve come to know, is easy as you’ve already got a great basis to shape.  For those with fine, patchy or non-existent fair brows, HD or High Definition Brows is one of the top non-invasive brow treatments in beauty salons all over the country today.

Even you fairer browed girls and guys can achieve the illusion of a fuller brow with HD.  I’ve seen amazing results on my bridal clients so when the opportunity arises, I’m not one to say no to laying on the salon bed!

I wouldn’t be without a more defined brow since I discovered I even had brows about 10 years ago but I’m not a lover of the overly filled sculpted brow.  I was in the midst of growing my brows (for almost 3 months) and wanted a restyle and fresh look!

It was a task in itself not to pull those hairy babies out as they did get quite unruly.  I managed to keep my tweezers locked up and away from the area that would be shaped for the best result from the treatment.

A consultation with a reputable salon will give you a good idea of how many treatments you need, to achieve the look, fullness and intensity you desire.  Factors such as the colour, amount of hair and state of your brows upon initial consultation will help determine this.

HD Brows is a 7 step process.  A combination of measuring to map out the correct shape for you against your features, tinting, waxing, tweezing, threading, then some final filling in using HD products make up the treatment!

I personally enjoyed the treatment – bar the odd sensation with the threading part, (an Asian/Middle Eastern hair removal technique using twisted cotton thread) no part was uncomfortable – if anything, I could have slept!

I was super impressed with the impact and depth of shape my own achieved in one treatment.

Although I may not sculpt my brows normally to the extend the treatment achieved, within a day or two the tint had settled and it wasn’t as stark in my eyes. In saying that, the HD tint in general stayed put much longer than that of a normal salon tint. The illusion of fuller brows which the tint creates means you can pop your makeup on in minutes and simply brush your brows and go! You do not have to fill them in! If you do need to fill areas, they have a fabulous fine tipped pencil ‘BrowTec’ that comes in various colours with a soft brush for shaping.

If this sounds like a treatment you’d like to try – go for it! I was super impressed but remember to research and go to a salon that has a great reputation for carrying out the treatment as you do not want to leave the salon with caterpillar brows for the sake of a few euros saved.

The one thing I would say is you need some sort of basis, (as in hair for the treatment) to work upon.  If you have no hair, then I wouldn’t suggest this is a one-stop shop to gaining shape. Fair hair or patchy brows may take a course of treatments or indeed, if you are someone growing a thinner brow out to gain a fuller look, then this is one to look into!

On average one HD treatment is €30 – to read more check out the HD Brow website where you can also source the nearest salon to you!

Feel free to drop me an email if you’ve any questions to or join my beauty advice group on Facebook for lots of chats on everything makeup and beauty related – K x