Kerry Harvey reveals the trick to concealing dark circles while lightening and brightening your entire look in a flash.

Diminishing dark circles is easier than you think! Check out my quick and easy step-by-step tips on not only concealing your dark circles but lightening and brightening your look all in one sweep of a brush!

What you need!

♥ Cream concealer | I’m using a medium coverage cream concealer – PAESE Brightening Concealer €11.99

♥ A fluffy blending brush | The E36 Concealer/ Blending Brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics is a steal at €7.99

♥ Lighten & Brighten ♥

The trick to hiding dark circles (very different to eye bags which is loosening of the skin under the eye) is to:

1. Conceal using a light textured cream/liquid based concealer. A heavy stick concealer is simply too obvious and heavy and as your makeup wears throughout the day, it will have a tendency to dry out and cake sitting in any fine lines or crows feet! Not a good look! Creamy liquidy concealer will conceal and add hydration to the eye area and are buildable ie you can layer them until your happy with the coverage.

2. Use a brightening product with a slight illuminator to reflect the light. A shade lighter than your foundation will add soft focus to your eyes also. This gives the illusion of effortless brightening to the on-lookers eye!

♥ Simply dot your chosen concealer under the eyes and using a fluffy blending brush, in circular motions, begin to blend the product. Start at the inner eye, and blend upwards towards the temples.  You can do this on skin alone for a natural day look without foundation, or over foundation.

♥ Brighten your entire look for a fresh-faced makeup by adding a touch of concealer in the following areas:

  • Between the brows
  • Down the bridge of the nose
  • Cupids bow / top lip
  • Chin

I sometimes add a little concealer either side of my nose near my nostrils (as I get a little reddening around this area) and this helps hide and diminish the red colour and even out my skin tone.

♥ Top Tip ♥

Use a brush for an airbrushed effect or for long-lasting under eye concealing, lightly seal with translucent loose powder!

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