Illuminating a look for a special occasion starts with the skin - we tested one of Ireland's leading tanning products to see how great their glow can be.

Sunshine on our skin is a distant memory at this time of the year

Weddings, Confirmations, Communions and other events are all peeping up on the horizon and we’re looking for the best way to look like we haven’t been deprived of sun for half a year (which the majority of us have!)

Dressing up for special occasions and complimenting looks with a flawless skintone is easier said than done. Pale skin and a rosy glow is a fresh delight from many brides and guests, while a beautiful bronzed complexion is a dream for others.

One of the most important elements of a bride’s beauty regime is to be radiant and have a natural looking tan, and Irish tanning brand HeShi has set out to provide a range of products to suit every bride and wedding guest, no matter what your preference.

We tested out three staple products from HeShi to see if they rise to all special occasions.

Express Liquid Tan

This tan is visible instantly as you apply it. The tone is yellow-based and blends well for a warm finish. The instant drying effect is great for those in a rush. For a flawless finish you really need to shower 8 hours after application – then you’ll be left with an even and non-transferring glow.


He-Shi Gold Foaming Mousse

This mousse is great if you are thinking ahead and prepping your skin for a special day. The mousse texture makes for easy, streak-free application. The Youth Revive Opti Tan element is created for mature skin, so the mother of the bride can benefit from the nourishing and moisturising formula. The colour will last well after your first shower or two, but it doesn’t fade perfectly in certain areas as the days go by.


He-Shi Body Sculpting Gradual Tan

Can you slim down from a false tan? Maybe a little with this one! The gradual tan is excellent if you’re cautious about your colouring. The tan develops slowly and evenly throughout the day before you shower off the excess. We found this one to be the most moisturising. Ingredients like caffeine and intenslim are designed to stimulate your body to appear more toned. The cooling feel certainly feels promising, and every little helps before a big day.


Shine bright

All He-Shi tans leave a soft shine that is flattering and illuminating for special days. They were created by a Belfast-based mother and daughter team so they are especially conscious of Irish skin tones. Accentuating bright colours or nude outfits with radiant skin is just what we need for the brighter days to come.

Where to buy?

HeShi is available in selected Boots stores as well as selected pharmacies and salons across Donegal.