Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey gives a guide to plumping your pout - without the surgery.

Would you love to create a fuller lip in an instant without invasive procedures?  Here are my top tips on how to achieve a fuller lip, naturally enhancing your perfect pout!

What you need:

♥ A natural lip pencil – you can change colours once you’ve mastered this basic technique – I’m using a pencil by PS from Penneys in the shade ‘Nude’ – €1.50

♥ A concealer coloured lip pencil – PS Lip Pencil in a concealer shade – €1.50

♥ A moisturising or sheer lipstick or gloss – I’m using Beautifying Lip Smoother by Catrice in the shade ‘Apricot Cream’ – €3.49

♥ How to Create Full Lips! ♥

♥ Prime your lips with your foundation to create a good base for your lip colour to adhere to.

♥ Taking your lip pencil and using light feathering strokes, begin to trace out your lip line.  Some choose to begin at the centre of their cupids bow (the ‘V’ on your top lip) and work their way to the corners, or vice versa.  Whichever you feel more comfortable with, start there and take your time.  Trace a faint line to begin if you’re not feeling confident using a natural colour – you can upgrade to more vibrant colours once you’ve mastered this!

♥ To add fullness, slightly trace outside the lip to enhance the shape.

For example, if you prefer to enhance your top lip, and not your bottom as it already is naturally full (or vice versa) slightly trace outside the lip you want to enhance, and trace along the actual lip line of the already full lip to achieve a balanced top and bottom lip.

♥ Lightly shade inside these lines for a natural long lasting lip colour but leave the centre of the lips free of liner.

♥ To add extra clout to your pout, take a concealer or nude coloured pencil and draw an upside down triangle in the centre of your bottom lip.  Now lightly rub your lips together to soften the pencil work and add your favourite sheer lipstick or gloss!


♥ Top Tip! ♥

Matte lipsticks or lip creams will not give as full an effect naturally unless you choose to obviously over-draw your lip line.  Moisturising or glossier products add instant light due to their reflective qualities and pick up and especially blend well to enhance the concealer filled area.

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