Style columnist Breid McDaid shares her top picks to inspire your mini fashionista during her time to shine!

Hey everyone,

Today’s column focuses on a follow up from last week’s one on occasion wear.

Since we’ve already tackled dressing the mammies/aunties/grannies, it’s now time to let the mini fashionistas have their moment.

Although many schools have enforced the rule that school uniforms must be worn, there are still a substantial amount allowing occasion wear.

Undoubtedly, the whole idea of dressing children for Confirmation is most definitely a daunting one, particularly with regards the girls.

It’s an age whereby transition takes over, the children are showing attributes of becoming a teenager, yet are still categorised as ‘children’. It can prove quite challenging, trying to balance the requirements to find an outfit appropriate with their age and occasion in mind.

Skater dresses are a personal favourite of mine. They are pretty, girly, and adequately dressy all rolled into one, a winning combination really.

A fitted collarless blazer is a welcome addition with this ensemble, however a simple colour co-ordinated cardigan can also work just as well.

A little skirt and top/blouse is another combination that has proven popular for these occasions.

In saying that, let’s not underestimate the power of the tapered trouser. Power suits are making waves this fashion season, why not let the little ladies have a taste? A mild jacquard print trouser/jacket could be very effective. Add a relatively minimal chiffon blouse and there you have it, a chic, feminine combination, fit for an elegant young lady.

When out shopping with your little lady, remember that one of the most important factors to consider is that she is happy and comfortable with what’s chosen. It’s a special time, making important memories.

I still have fond memories of my much anticipated ‘big day out’ to pick my outfit. Although I wore my uniform at the time, I was allowed to pick a special outfit to wear afterwards. I remember pestering my mother, ‘Is it this weekend?..’Can we go next weekend?’ It was a red floral dress, with a big bow tied to the back, and my God but it made the best swish a dress could make.

Take it all in, every bit of it.

Until next time,

Breid at ‘Style Your Story’.