Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey shares her top tips for achieving the perfect rosy glow

In my experience as a makeup artist, I’ve met many girls that are almost afraid to wear blush.

Girls with a rosy complexion or perhaps have rosacea (simply put – high colouring or reddening of the cheek area) prefer to shy away from blush.  They often tend to add a blank canvas look with heavy foundation coverage to mask their cheeks, which in some cases can leave a ghostly faint look.

When placed and blended correctly, blush can add a beautiful natural glow – even to girls who like to hide their natural rosy complexion.  Blush should simply add a romantic glow, like that excitement you feel in your cheeks when you meet your crush! In olden days the addition of blusher was a sign youthfulness and of ‘being in love’, so let’s fall in love with a touch of blush!

Here are my quick, simple tips on how adding a touch of blush will give you ‘the look of love’, add life and freshness to your makeup, giving you a youthful healthy glow.

What you need:

♥ Blusher brush

♥ Powder Blush – Today I’m using the newly launched, Clarins Skin Illusion Blush (RRP €20) – 01 Luminous Pink to give me that flutter of freshness!

♥ How to Apply Blush ♥

♥ Firstly, find the apple of each cheek!  It’s that full plump area either side of your nose – simply smile and you’ll find the apples of your cheeks!

♥ The Clarins Skin Illusion Blush pot has a handy little powder puff applicator which when closed, is compressed into the powder blush, but you can also use a blusher brush.  Pop a little blush on your applicator or brush and gentle tap starting on the outer side of the apple of your cheek and blending up towards your temples.

♥ Start small and build until you have created your desired look.

♥ If you’ve added too much, don’t worry! Simply take your finger/foundation brush/beauty blender and little blend out any excess for a flawless romantic flush!


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