Dee has issued a heartfelt appeal to help bring her beloved pet home to Donegal

Deirdre (Dee) Ferry from Gortahork had made the move to Aus five years ago. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to return to Donegal.

However, her beloved cat Millie couldn’t join her due to the cost of transporting animals.

It will cost a staggering €2,500 for Millie to make the 10,000 mile trip to Donegal, but Dee remains hopeful.

Millie is currently being looked after by friends Dee made in Australia.

Dee explained “I lived in Swan Hill, Victoria. It’s about 4 hours north of Melbourne. It’s classed as a rural country town although I lived in the town itself.

She said that moving back to Donegal was not planned, “it was not a move I was ready (or wanted) to make but after a horrendous year that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy my choices were extremely limited.

“During all this I always had my best friend and fur baby Millie to give me strength and courage and help me through even the darkest of days.

“She is the one and only friend that was constantly there for me, she always kept me going and could put a smile on my face even when it felt like my whole world was falling apart around me.

“She was always by my side, we done absolutely everything together so now I’m heartbroken and lost because we are separated by thousands of miles.

Millie was only six weeks old when Dee adopted her.

“Millie came from a litter of cats from a family that were unable to keep them. I had actually picked up a different kitten first but them Millie came along and all she wanted was cuddles so I couldn’t resist her and put the other kitten back down to get Millie… I know she was the one for me.

Dee hadn’t realised how expensive it would be to take Millie home with her, and outlines that if the move had been planned, she could have saved up to take Millie with her before leaving.

“I genuinely didn’t realise the cost of transporting her from Australia to Ireland and day by day my heart breaks a little more as this seems like a impossible feat and I’ll never get to hold my baby again.

“If it was a move I had planned to make then I would have had the time to save and plan to bring Millie with me but unfortunately time was not on my side and even if it had of been money was (and still is) non-existent.

“When I slept Millie was always right there on my chest, when I went for a shower she waited patiently outside the shower door and even while I cooked she kept a close eye making sure I was doing it all right.

“Every single moment since she came into my life she was by my side and I’m so lost now without her now I just don’t know what to do.


If you’d like to help Dee you can visit her Go Fund Me page by clicking here.