In case you weren't one of the many who stayed up last night to catch the Super Bowl extravaganza in the US - here's all you need to see from the entertaining half-time show.

Lady Gaga wowed the crowd with an explosive thirteen-minute set. She took the opportunity to make a political statement with her opening song of Woody Guthrie’s civil rights anthem This Land Is Your Land, before leaping off the roof in a dramatic fashion to continue with a fast-paced set of her biggest hits.

Choosing to sing ‘Born This Way’ was another statement from the pop star who avidly promotes equality and gay rights.

The 30-year-old flew through the air throughout the set and her performance soared in viewer opinion ratings. Even Hillary Clinton went gaga for her strong showcase.

Gaga also used the performance to launch a new world tour to support her newest album Joanne:

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What did you think of the half-time show?