If you can't wait for the next Fifty Shades film, then here's an extra scene to tide you by...

Only Ellen DeGeneres could be allowed to pin Jamie Dornan down in such a predicament.

The Northern Irish actor was promoting Fifty Shades Darker on her chat show when she decided to take matters (and Jamie) into her own hands and record a scene for the fourth movie.

Fifty Shades Darkest, by Ellen, sees the chat show host not-so-scantily-clad in a Staples uniform and pouncing on poor Jamie in a bedroom scene. Various menacing-looking stationary pieces are produced from Ellen’s bag of tricks to bring increased levels of fear into Jamie’s eyes.

Events escalate to Jamie becoming sellotaped to the bedpost with Ellen on top of him as he giggled along.

Fifty Shades Darker comes to cinemas across Donegal on February 10th. Many girls’ nights out have been already arranged for the occasion as the world-famous erotic franchise is set to get even steamier than the first.