Style columnist Breid McDaid gives us a sneak-peek at the top trends about to hit the shelves for Spring/Summer 2017

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well. Over the course of today’s and next week’s segment I will be discussing the new SS trends about to hit our shelves.

Today I will be covering the following: new florals, embroidery, statement sleeves and feminine ruffles. There are some extremely stylish examples of all categories readily available, bursting with summer colours and soft fabrics.

As I mentioned before, the embroidery trend that dominated AW16 is most definitely here to stay. From statement ankle boots to jackets and accessories, there is a wide range of choices available.


I’m particularly lusting after this embroidered biker jacket from Next with studded collar detail. Next womenswear have really upgraded their game, now keeping up with key season trends, as well as classic, practical pieces.

Statement Sleeves
Another trend that is taking some time to filter off the catwalk, the detailed sleeve that we embraced in Autumn 2016 is continuing to evolve for this season, too.

Think ruffles, flutes, cropped, bunched, oversized- anything goes. This ‘chic’ trend is up there with one of my favourites of the season.

Stylish, feminine, and oozes effortless elegance. Worn in the form of a dress, blouse or blazer/jacket, it is one style that will guarantee to deliver a stylish ensemble with minimal effort.

It’s always nice to have a go-to piece in your wardrobe you know you can throw on to add instant elegance, whether you decide to opt for a casual, low key look, or a more glamourous one, if the event requires.

Feminine Ruffles
Like statement sleeves, ruffles are transitioning to Spring/Summer with a serious kick.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, ruffles are an excellent way of adding curves to a body shape lacking in the area.

It can also add definition to rounded shoulders. It also leaves ample opportunity for mixture of textures.


New Florals
This is one Spring/Summer trend that, in my opinion, will never die. It is one that stands the test of time, both SS and AW seasons combined.

The only thing that changes are the colour palettes. One important thing to remember with prints, of any kind, is to match scale with size. For eg. A larger lady wouldn’t be advised to wear a piece of clothing with a small print, both scale and size need to correspond.


As always, thank you for taking the time to read. I hope this post gives you some inspiration towards building your Spring/Summer wardrobe. I will have part 2 of the trend segment up in my next slot.


Breid at ‘Style Your Story’.