Hughie Maughan and his fiancée Ryan Ruckledge suffered a brutal homophobic attack following an awards ceremony last night.

The couple met in 2016’s series of ‘Big Brother’, and instantly hit it off. Hughie has since went on to compete in ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

The pair had just left the awards ceremony in Dublin last night when they were attacked by several men and a woman.

The thugs also broke Ryan’s foot and left him with a black eye.

Speaking to, Hughie said; “It was a group of about four or five lads and one girl. They were eating a take-away and seemed to be on their way home. We walked by them and they shouted after us.

“One of them called me a c**t and the others used some really derogatory homophobic terms. It was awful.

“I have a lump on the side of my head from where the girl pulled some of my hair out. I also have a cut above my eye. We tried to defend ourselves and fought back.

“We’d been minding our own business. Not causing harm to anyone. We were on our way home after having a really good night at the awards show.

“Thankfully, some of the security guards from nearby shops and clubs stepped in to help us. We eventually managed to get away from it and get a cab home. I’m sore all over but I feel really shaken by the whole thing.”