Supporters in County Donegal asked to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS as the campaign for MS Research and vital services begins.

Aoibhinn McGinnity helping to Kiss Goodbye to MS

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland is calling on supporters in County Donegal to Kiss Goodbye to MS from January 17th until February 14th and to help raise funds for MS research and essential services for more than 9,000 people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Supporters are asked to ‘go red’ and to Wear, Dare and Share: to wear red or hold a ‘red day’, dare to get sponsored for an MS Ireland sky dive, and share with friends and family to spread the word. Please text SMOOCH to 50300 to donate €4 and nominate others to take part. For more information visit

Actress Aoibhinn McGinnity is bringing her support to the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign: “I’m delighted to be part of this effort to raise funds for MS research and help people living with MS. It’s an important campaign for people and family members affected by MS, which is usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40. Please go red, and wear, dare and share to support them.”

MS is the most common debilitating neurological condition affecting young adults in Ireland. Three times more women than men are diagnosed with MS. There is no cause or cure.

Sara-Jane Tracy, 29, who is heading up the campaign for MS Ireland, was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in July 2015. Sara-Jane had suffered health problems for several years before being diagnosed. She was a professional show jumper before her diagnosis with MS.

Her brother, James Tracy, Irish rugby player, as well as all of her family and friends are a great support to Sara-Jane as she faces the challenge of living with and fighting MS every day. “I have a mountain to climb and I work on staying strong and positive,” says Sara-Jane.

Actress Aoibhinn McGinnity, Sara-Jane Tracy who lives with MS and her brother James Tracy

Here’s how to Help Kiss Goodbye to MS

Raise funds and awareness by wearing something red for a day or hold a red day event at work or in the community. Put on your favourite red lipstick, pucker up and share a kiss on your social media platforms using the hashtag #kissgoodbyetoms. Don’t forget to text SMOOCH to 50300 to donate €4 and nominate your friends and family to take part. If you don’t fancy wearing red lipstick, any red item of clothing or accessory will do!

Dare yourself or someone else to do something out of your comfort zone and get sponsored for it. This year we’re daring people to do the MS sky dive! But sky dives aren’t for everyone so please feel free to do a different dare!

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