Beauty columnist Kerry Harvey shares the key to brighter, fresher skin - Exfoliation.

Last week we looked at pairing our skin routine back to the basics! A step-by-step, easy to follow regime that you can carry out, twice daily, using your personal preferred products.

Today I want to delve further into one of the key steps, exfoliation.  This for me is the one step I have witnessed work with amazing results.  The client’s skin texture and type can improve in leaps and bounds by simply being a little more mindful of your weekly routine.

How to exfoliate!

1. The best time to exfoliate is when the skin is warmed up – this is easy to do when in the shower! Simply have your shower, wash your hair and after a few minutes, the humidity of the shower will warm the skin and open your pores – now your skin is ready to exfoliate, wash away those dead skin cells after a few minutes steaming.

2. Add a pea-sized amount of your desired exfoliator to your fingertips and using both hands, either side of your face, in small circular motions, begin to massage the product around the face. You can start on your chin, either side of the nose or forehead, whichever suits you.  Simply cover all areas of the face bar the eye-area.  Leave a radius of a good inch or slight more around the eyes – this is an area of fine transparent skin that doesn’t require any added pulling or scrubbing which can cause or add to fine lines and crow’s feet.

3. Be sure to concentrate your exfoliation to area’s that may need a little help loosening up the grease and grime of daily life. Area’s such as the nose, between the brows and chin.  Go easier on the cheeks – you’ll find this area may become a little inflamed and sensitive if you over exfoliate here.

4. You can gauge how long suits you – approx 30-60 seconds of gentle exfoliation, twice a week (or three times if you feel you need to), will help eliminate dead skin cells and unclog a certain amount of grease and grime that cleansing simply will not do alone. Now rinse off and pat the skin dry. Hereafter, you’ll find you’re masks, serums, moisturisers, and oils will effectively penetrate the skin and do the job they’ve set out to do – hydrate!

Remember, hydrated skin, (and yes this includes oily skin types as oiliness does not mean your skin is hydrated) will glow after exfoliation as it’s more nourished and cared for, thus makeup application will be a breeze.

As always, all my tips are DIY, so use what products you prefer. I personally have 2 favourites – La Roche Posey Ultra Fine Scrub for Sensitive Skin (Cara Pharmacy €14.95) and Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser which can be used daily – it leaves my skin feeling super silky, not over worked plus it has a gorgeous orange scent to really awaken you and your skin (Boots for €30.00)



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