A terrifyingly dark side to Keith Kiely is unleashed in the returning episode of ‘Red Rock’ tonight. Here's what to expect from the two-hour special:

Red Rock fans are being warned to expect the unexpected from one of Red Rock’s most endearing characters when the award-winning drama returns to TV3 tonight at 9pm.

Keith Kiely is tired of being treated like an idiot.  After years of being the butt of every joke, he’s had enough. He’s not going to put up with it anymore. He reaches breaking point with disastrous results when the red mist descends. And someone close is about to pay a heavy price when Keith finally snaps…

Speaking about the upcoming storyline, Stephen Cromwell, who plays Keith Kiely, said: “Keith has been pushed to the brink and in Monday night’s episode we see him finally lose it. It was difficult to film as I couldn’t ever imagine doing what he does, but you have to get into the mentality of the character. He’s not intelligent enough to deal with his emotions and what emerges is raw rage.”  

Keith snapping is the beginning of what Red Rock writers say is a new direction for the petty criminal.

Keith Kiely played by Stephen Cromwell

Kim Revill, Showrunner for ‘Red Rock’, said: “Up until now, Keith has been a pretty low-level criminal, but Monday’s episode will show us a side of Keith nobody has seen before.  It kicks off a life-changing journey for Keith, and there’s no better actor than Stephen Cromwell to play this emotional rollercoaster of a story. The fallout for the entire Kiely family is immense.”

Following the shocking incident, Keith soon finds himself getting more deeply embroiled in criminal activity – and the Kiely household is soon plunged into crisis as a result of his actions.

Red Rock’ returns Monday, 9th January, at 9pm on TV3