Thorougly Modern Mammy Maria Rushe shares some tips on how to make the most of the last day of the Christmas holidays with your little ones

It’s the last day of the school holidays. How are you spending it? If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering where the hell the uniforms are and how you’re going to ever get back into routine.

And while today is a day for preparing and organising to ensure a smooth first Monday morning back in routine, it’s also a day for taking a breath and enjoying the last day of holidays.

My intentions are to have EVERYTHING done tonight: and most likely I’ll sit on my backside thinking ‘It’ll be grand until the morning’, and I’ll spend tomorrow morning screaming like a feral banshee as I try to get everyone out to school and childminders and work with clothes on their bums and food in their bellies.

But this afternoon is about familytime. As much as I can’t wait to get back to a little bit of normality, (mostly because Mini-Me is going stir crazy and misses her playmates at school and her teacher, thereby sending me stircrazy in the process), I always feel a little bit sad that my time at home with them is being compromised.

Isn’t it funny how Mammies often crave a few hours away on their own, but when it’s forced upon us by things like work, we resent it!?

So while many bloggers are talking about spending the afternoon doing crafts and cleaning bedrooms and going hiking with their minions, here are a few easier ways to appreciate the last day of school holidays.

1. Allow your minions to wearing whatever concoction of clothing they want to wear. They’ll be back in uniform tomorrow. Let them dress themselves and unleash their inner fashionist…(or at least have a giggle at their cuteness!)

2. Twirl in sparkly dresses; around and around; just because.

3. Snuggle into the sofa and watch Sleeping Beauty or Monsters Inc- and all the extra features and trailers that you usually skip past. And watch it ALL, not just the furstb10 minutes.

4. Stay in the PJs, not even considering brushing hair or washing faces. (Unless you’re going out in public. This apparently, is frowned upon!)

5. Pretend to steal her little nose!

Today is the last day we can say that we don’t quite know what day it is. Tomorrow will come and reality will take over, so enjoy today as a “Some day”.

Some days are for cutting sandwiches into star shapes and making up stories about them.

Some days are for playing Hide n’ Seek. Not just counting to appease them and then pretending we don’t see her for a few minutes; for actually stopping what we’re doing and playing it. It’s amazing where this S-Mum can still fit when she puts her mind to it!

Some days are for just stopping to be glad that these Some days exist.

Some days are for making memories instead of catching them as they flit past.

Some days are for smiling. 🙂


Have a good one and good luck this week. By Tuesday, it’ll feel like they were never off!

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