A woman who visited the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary has taken one of the best selfies of the year so far.

Nuala Frahling, from Germany, is currently living in Belfast and was visiting a Donegal friend this New Year when they decided to visit the sanctuary. Nuala was spending time with Judith and Ann Richards, a friend from school and her mother, in Rossnowlagh.

“I personally have been involved in animal rescue for more than ten years. So the sanctuary was the perfect spot to visit,” Nuala told Donegal Woman.

Nuala and Judith were welcomed by Sandra, who runs the sanctuary with her husband Danny.

“Sandra told us all their rescue history and some of it was appalling. Let’s just say I am glad that there are such good people out there that do so much hard work to help these innocent creatures. They are like big teddy bears.”

During the tour Nuala snapped a selfie with her three favourite donkeys – Jack, Vera and Paddy who are mother, father and son. The family were only too happy to pose it seems!

These happy donkeys are a testament to the great work carried out at their Donegal home. However, resources are stretched to the limit at the sanctuary this winter as they have more mouths to feed than ever before.

The owners say that hay and straw are very expensive this year due to wet conditions last summer and a very poor harvest. They say their supplies are running very low and they have many more months of indoor feeding and bedding to cope with. Bales of straw are currently €25 per bale.

Danny and Sandra are appealing for donations to help them care for the donkeys, who often come to them in a neglected state and have endured years of abuse and cruelty. In other cases, advancing age or an owner’s change in financial circumstances means they can no longer afford to keep their old friends.

Donations can be made online through the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary Facebook Page or by post.

Thank you to Nuala for sharing the photograph.