Children and parents were upset and disgusted to find the slides of Letterkenny Town Park in a disgusting state yesterday.

Families came to the popular park for some downtime on Bank Holiday Monday to find a horrifying scene in the slides of the play area.

Vandals had visited the park overnight and defecated on the slides. One eagle-eyed parent spotted the incidents and alerted other parents to the situation to prevent children from becoming soiled with the faeces.

The parent contacted Donegal Daily in a state of outrage, lashing out at the perpetrators to call them “animals”.

Letterkenny Town Park

Council workers will be visiting the park today to carry out an intensive cleaning process on the slides, which will be steam cleaned and disinfected.

tterLocal county councillor Gerry McMonagle also visited the scene after learning of the incident. He apologised for what had happened but branded those who used the playground as a toilet as “simply vile.”

“Let us get this straight, this is not someone who has been caught short and needed to nip behind a bush in the park.

“This is someone who has deliberately gone out and vandalised a children’s playground by defecating on it.

“I cannot even call them animals because animals would not do such a thing. On behalf of the local council I would like to apologise for parents and children who have been forced to encounter this,” he said.

And he added that anybody who knows who may be responsible for the disgusting attack to contact the Gardai or the local council.

“These people should be found and then forced to clean not just this park but every park in the town for what they have done.

“Perhaps then they would realise what brilliant places that playgrounds are and what enjoyment our children get from them,” he added.

He said he will now again liaise with the HSE who run the nearby St Conal’s Hospital to see if they can utilise their CCTV footage in a bid to secure the park from such further attacks.