This Bank Holiday Monday could be the day that traces back to the conception of many 2017 babies.

Did you know that January 2nd is referred to as National Baby-Making Day? The highest number of birthdays fall in September, more specifically September 26th, which is 38 weeks after today. The average pregnancy is 38 weeks, meaning that September babies are made during the Christmas period.

‘Tis the season to get jolly say that the majority of couples trying for a baby head to the bedroom tonight after the party season has settled down. 10.36pm was rated the best time to try for a baby.

New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve were also noted as popular days for couples trying to conceive. Romance is high at this time of year, with many engagements and weddings taking place over the festive season.

Couples keeping warm in winter leads to a higher rate of births during the summer months, while January 1st is reported as one of the least common birthdays.

Channel Mum have made a video to demonstrate the top ten positions for making a baby, so if there’s nothing the telly tonight, this might provide a bit of entertainment. Check out the video here on Channel Mum’s Facebook