Applying false eyelashes can be tricky, but makeup artist Kerry Harvey has an easy guide for doing it in seconds.

With the festive season truly in full swing, it’s a good time to really go all out and vamp up your eye makeup! Check out my easy 5 step guide on how to apply a false lash in seconds!

What you need:

♥ A set of false lashes that you prefer.

♥ Glue

♥ Tweezers

♥ Scissors (if lashes are longer than your lash line)

1. Measure the lashes against your own lash line – if too long trim from the longer/outside of the lashes until the fit your lash line.

2. Use your tweezers to hold your lashes (in the centre) and run a thin layer of glue from tip to tip. Add a dab more to each end to ensure the lashes stay secure. Then let the glue go tacky i.e. leave them to air for 20/30 seconds before application.

3. Still holding your false lash in the centre, now line the end of the false lash, against the end of your own lash line and drop the false lash down on top of your own.

4. Simply use your tweezers to manoeuvre the lashes into place against the roots of your own lash line.

5. When almost fully dried, push the lashes upwards for an eye-opening effect. And you’re done!

Pro-Makeup Tip for Lashes:

♥ From a professional point of view, I prefer a strip lash that has a clear band as a black band can often look heavy on the eyes.  If you’re not a pro at applying lashes, then badly placed stripe lashes with a black band can look obvious when not placed properly.

♥ A demi lash is a fabulous lash type if you’re new to lash application. They’re not a full-length lash, so you’ll not need to trim and they beautifully open the eye with a natural fuller lash look.

♥ I recommend DUOGlue – this is the only glue I use. You can purchase them in chemists and you can even buy them in Penneys. Some of the glues you get in the lash packets are cheap and can be hard to remove and can even pull some of your own lashes out if not removed correctly.

♥ Always wash and massage the lash line or use eye makeup remover to remove lashes. If you want to reuse the lashes, then remove them by popping eye makeup remover on a cotton bud and running it along the lash line until the lashes lift off. Never pull the false lash directly off without using eye makeup remover or washing your face to loosen the glue.

A little practice will have you applying lashes for every occasion in a flash! If you’d like to see how I apply my lashes, and a new eye-makeup look that focuses on a beautiful ‘Hen Party Look’, then click here to view the full-length vlog here —>>> Easy Hen Party Makeup

A fabulous inspirational DIY  tutorial for you newly engaged girlies or ladies planning their hen party! Feel free to follow me on social media, or contact me on if you’d like to enquiry about your wedding day makeup!

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