Hatchimals, the top toy craze this Christmas, have been a source of disappointment for parents and children after reports of many not working on Christmas morning.

Image: Spin Master

There were many children excited to see a Hatchimal under the tree on Christmas morning, but reports of non-hatching toys and a variety of other malfunctions have come from disappointed parents this week.

After many parents have put in much effort to find and buy Hatchimals, they are now dealing with broken toys. Parents have been left in distress to see their children disappointed on Christmas Day.

Hatchimals were in incredibly high demand before Christmas with shops selling out of the toys as soon as they came in stock.

Many parents were forced to buy the toys from online third-party sites, often paying up to double the price.

One Donegal mother told the Irish Mirror how her six-year-old daughter was left devastated by the dud toy.

Julia O’Neill told the Irish Mirror: “It was the only thing she wanted. This is the toy of the year. Six o’clock in the morning she got up and opened this egg she was so excited about it.

“She sat with it for a good half an hour to get it to hatch. But once it started to hatch it powered down and it didn’t start back up.”

Parents have come together on Facebook to try and help each other out with the toys. Dead Hatchimal Owners Unite! has more than 1,000 members.

Image: Spin Master

The manufacturer Spin Master has made online statements about the toys and provided links to troubleshooting options for parents.

However, the Christmas period means the toy company are facing an overwhelming amount of calls. Spin Master have said they increased the capacity of their Customer Care team for the holidays.

The Facebook statement begins: “We are sorry to hear that some of you are having challenges with your Hatchimals.” It continues with step by step guides for specific problems. Click here to read.

Hatchimals are designed to break out of their eggs after around 30 minutes of care by the children. They are then expected to sing Happy Birthday to themselves. Images of dud versions show Hatchimals poking their noses out of the eggs and stopping at that point, or else not hatching at all.

Hatchimals light up and make sounds. Once they are hatched, they develop and grow into adults. They should be able to play games, talk and dance by the time they are grown-up. The Hatchimals’ eyes change colour to let their owners know how they are feeling.

The problems don’t end when the Hatchimals are in working order.

As the chicks go to sleep, they repeat a sound that is strangely similar to two swear words. Parents have been outraged to hear this and worry that their children will hear and repeat the phrase.chl

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