This is the weather for one woman, and one woman only. But where is our favourite storm reporter?

Storm Barbara is battering the country. There are trees falling on roads and the coasts are treacherous places to be.

Met Eireann have issued two weather warnings as gusts of 120km/h surge through Donegal.

The Coast Guard are warning people to Stay Back, Stay High, Stay Dry.

This is the weather for one woman, and one woman only. It has been a year since RTE Presenter Teresa Mannion braved the elements to protect Ireland from Storm Desmond.

On a day like today – Why isn’t she warning us not to make unnecessary journeys? Who’s going to stop us taking risks on treacherous roads?


Teresa Mannion. Image: RTE

People have been calling out for Teresa’s guidance, but she is otherwise occupied. She’s not reporting today – she’s dancing!

Teresa is one of the contestants on RTE’s Dancing with the Stars. People on Twitter thought they would be safe knowing that Teresa was on alert. But she’s actually practising her moves for the upcoming show in January.

For anyone who is missing Teresa’s presence today, you can see videos she made for the RSA advising on how to drive in extreme weather.