Bridal expert Carina shares some of the most romantic ways to pop the all-important question this Christmas.

Tis’ the season to get engaged

Ok so most of us have experienced the pressure of everyone expecting the ‘announcement’ at some stage or another. Friends and family aren’t afraid to remind you of your singledom, especially at Christmas time and of course I’m not looking to add to this pressure, but on the off chance there’s a few of you thinking of popping the question this festive season then fear not, Team Bride have you covered. Christmas is the perfect time to get engaged (if nothing else it saves you having to think of a gift!).

Here’s all the inspiration you will need to make it a Christmas to remember –

  1. The Christmas Eve Proposal – this is a lovely way to start off your Christmas celebrations. Just you and you loved one, sipping a glass of bubbles by the Christmas tree lights when you produce the heart shaped jewellery box, she gasps, you declare your undying love…. blah blah blah. This is not the best idea if you’re stumbling home from the local after skipping mass and happen to find a Haribo ring in your pocket!
  2. The tiny box inside many bigger boxes proposal – an oldie but a goodie. This is one of the simplest yet most effect proposal techniques. Just remember, it’s not a game of pass the parcel and 3 or 4 boxes should do the trick before she thinks she’s the butt of one of your pranks!
  3. ‘Marry Me’ written in snow on the lawn as she opens the bedroom curtains on a frosty Christmas morning. WARNING: This is only romantic if it snows. It doesn’t really have the same effect if its muck from the flower beds smeared across the tarmac
  4. A much-loved pet is a great accomplice when surprising your loved one with a diamond ring. How cute would it be to tie the ring in a ribbon around your pet pooches neck for your other half to find? Keeping a close eye is key here, you don’t want to give Rover the chance to think the ring is a treat and spend your Christmas waiting for it to reappear……….
  5. So maybe Christmas is a bit too close and you need a little more preparation time. If this is the case, then New Year’s Eve is your friend! One the stroke of midnight as the fireworks are going off it the perfect backdrop for the big question. How better to start your 2017 than with the promise of forever with the one you love <3

Having given you my top tips for a smooth Christmas proposal, I should also say that you needn’t bow to the pressure from others. Go at your own pace and ask in your own way.

Merry Christmas & All the Wedding Best


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