It's okay to eat, drink and be merry for one week in the year. Here's how to enjoy the indulgent time of festivities.


This week I am not going to preach to you.

There will be no tips or hints.

This coming week is about one thing.

Spending time with your family and having fun.

If you over indulge, you can get back on track.


If you miss a workout, you can make it up again.

Don’t stress over things.

Don’t alienate yourself from family situations because of dogmatic nutritional advice that tells you something is bad and you cannot have it.

If one week out of 52 is going to ruin everything, you need to find a new way of eating.

If you really have to get a workout in, go for a walk, go for a run, do a short body weight session at home.
Unsure how to do an exercise?
I have a full library of exercises on my YouTube channel here

The main thing to remember is that this is the time of year, where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends, usually with no distractions and at a time where people are at their most relaxed.


So, if this sounds like something you need to do, do it!
The reason I am telling you this week, is so you can be prepared and have everything in place for next week, when the big day has arrived.


Use it to relax, recharge and reset.
I know I will.

P.s, if you are planning your fitness journey for the new year and would like some help with it, I am launching my January ‘Drop a Dress Size Challenge‘ this week.
It can be done from home or in the gym with me.
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