Bridal expert Carina looks at the many plus points there are if you choose to have a winter wedding.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…………

Traditionally everyone got married in the summer months and it became known as ‘Wedding Season’, however the fact that we live in Ireland and you can never guarantee the weather has meant that winter weddings have grown in popularity. Any season is a good season to get married and couples now have so much more choice in terms of themes and venues.

One of my favourite times of year for a wedding has to be winter (although if you are looking for a snowy white backdrop this could just as easily happen in March lol)


A wedding between Christmas and New Year can be a truly magical affair and with it being the festive season it means that there are many plus points to choosing a winter wedding…………

Save on Décor! While you don’t necessarily have to go for a Christmas theme just because you are getting married at Christmas I feel I should point out the obvious benefits in terms of décor. Everywhere from your home to the hotel will have ornate decorations and romantic fairy lights which will give a lovely backdrop without you having to spend a penny extra.

Everyone’s home already. One of the hardest things about planning a wedding can be trying to please all your friends and family when it comes to setting the date. One of the major plus sides is that lots of people will want to travel home for Christmas anyway so can combine that with celebrating your big day. Two birds with one stone and all that!


Christmas Cheer! See number 2 above. Excluding your scrooge wannabes and your Bah Humbug types most of us tend to be in good cheer around the festive season and enjoy meeting up with friends for a tipple or two and a wedding thrown into the mix is a welcome addition to the party list.

Even though winter weddings are growing in popularity it is still classed as off season and with the exception of entertainment you may find that there is less competition for suppliers and maybe even some deals to be had. Maybe factor in distance when you are booking suppliers and stick close to your area – you really don’t want a call on the morning to say that the cake is stuck 3 hours away due to snow!


Generally, people will associate Christmas or New Year with the day you got married for a good few years which will inevitably prompt them to remember your anniversary easily. This may be especially useful to those partners with a bad memory for those special anniversaries and save you a lot of heartache for years to come!

These days they aren’t any constraints on when couples get married and as long as the love is there then the timing is perfect.

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