We'll look back on 2016 as one that has twisted the future of the world, and baby name trends have changed to reflect that.

baby-boy-child-christmas-41173There have been many events that stood out this year – from Brexit to the US Presidential elections, from celebrity deaths to sporting events – and such stories have influenced people as they name their newborns.

Two baby name experts in the US have compiled their list of Names of the Year 2016. They say that while there won’t be too many baby Donalds or Hillarys, certain personalities and trending topics will shape baby name trends in the year to come.

Here is Nameberry.com’s Names of the Year 2016:



The death of superstar David Bowie shocked the world in 2016, and many new parents are paying tribute to him by keeping the name alive.


Cuba has been in the news frequently throughout the year, after the death of Fidel Castro and after Obama eased trade restrictions for Cuban rum and cigars coming into the US.

“With place names hot for babies and parents looking beyond the popular Savannah and London, Cuba may enjoy wider use,” Nameberry say.


Many people may not have been familiar with the name Ivanka until Donald Trump’s daughter featured in the news. The girls name means ‘God is gracious’, will her father be as gracious in his new job?

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American gymnast Simone Biles was in the headlines through the 2016 Rio Olympics, while Simone Manuel became the first African-American female swimmer to win a gold medal.


This name comes from the Chicago Cubs ballpark, after the team won the World Series this year. In Ireland, we might associated the name with Extra chewing gum, and it might be a bit hard to swallow!


Have you heard of Alden Ehrenreich yet? The actor has been popping up in Hollywood films recently, and is now going to be the future young Han Solo. He’s one to watch, and his name may be popular with Star Wars fans in the year to come.


Swimmer Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole Johnson named their son Boomer this year. Yup… they have a baby Boomer. He’s an Instagram star already, with almost 800,000 followers.

Hi legend ! My name is boomer!

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Aziz Ansari, the creator, writer and star of Netflix show Master of None has inspired this name. The traditional Arabic name means powerful and beloved. It has an exotic female variation, Aziza.


Bruno Mars had an amazing year on the back of his album and single 24K Magic. He recently performed two songs at the world famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Many people will be wanting their baby to be as cool as this guy.

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Lin–Manuel Miranda is the star of Broadway musical Hamilton, which has been making quite the stir in the arts and political world. He also wrote and sings several songs in the new Disney animation Moana. Nameberry have selected his name after seeing the influence he’s having now.


Finally! An Irish cailin’s name. Maeve is rising in popularity around the world as people take note of the character Maeve Millay in Westworld. Maeve means “she who intoxicates” and the Queen of Connacht was named Maeve. “It’s the latest in a long line of Gaelic imports to catch on in the US, currently ranked in the Top 500 and rising,” say Nameberry.


We think this would be one of the more hipster-appealing names on the list. It’s definitely out-there.